mvd121: Just run into Jonathan Groff from Looking. Literally died.


Heritage of Pride, organizers of NYC Pride and the annual New York City Pride March, today announced the Grand Marshals for 2014. This year’s marshals are Rea Carey, Executive Director of the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force; Transgender Activist and “Orange is the New Black” actress Laverne Cox; and Broadway, film, and television actor Jonathan Groff, appearing this summer in “The Normal Heart.”

“Our 2014 marshals are leaders in brilliant forms of activism through which LGBT people and their allies engage,” said March Director David Studinski. “Individually, they represent the diversity within the LGBT community and the various struggles our community members have and continue to face.  Collectively, their stories reinforce that no voice is too small nor weak to make change in our world - and it starts with being yourself.”

The 2014 March steps off at noon on Sunday, June 29. (x)



Jonathan Groff in speedos for HBO’s The Normal Heart

I know The Normal Heart will be intense but I’m just going to take a quick second to appreciate Jonathan Groff in a red Speedo.

Jonathan Groff in the The Normal Heart trailer

The Normal Heart: Trailer (HBO Films)

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Love Letter to Jonathan Groff by Lea Michele

From Lea’s new book “Brunette Ambition”

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